Lego Tape - 1m Blue Roll

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Are you ready to build anywhere and on anything?

Then you'll love Sticky Brick Tape, a product that is putting a smile on the face of millions!

If you believe that Lego only belongs spread across your table, you may want to re-think...

Fully compatible with LEGO, this tape allows you to turn any surface into a building block fun zone. Now you can build around corners, on curves and even onto other objects!

This tape has taken block building and completely turned it on its head! The flexible product opens up a world of possibilities and provides a revolutionary platform for your LEGO skills.

Gift a loved one with this LEGO compatible block tape and take block building to the next level. Allow the creativity to flow. Experience a world of block building that has no limits.

So how does it work? Simple! Just snip the tape, just as you would with a standard roll of sticky tape. Next, stick the adhesive side to the surface of your choice! That’s it! No longer is our creativity limited. Watch with joy, as your kids use their LEGO to craft gravity-defying works of art.

You can re-stick it up to 100 times! Simply peal off the surface - wash and dry and you are ready to go again!

See it. Stick it. Brick it.

  • 1x 1 metre Roll of Sticky Brick Tape.
  • Color - Blue
  • LEGO® compatible
  • Cut, bend, shape, stick
  • Adhesive backing
  • Re-useable - just wash and dry. Re-stick up to 100 times